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McHenry County Farm Bureau was recognized at Illinois Farm Bureau’s Annual Meeting.

McHenry County Farm Bureau President, Dan Ziller, accepts a recognition plaque awarded to McHenry County Farm Bureau for its achievements during the 2015-16 program year. The award was presented during Illinois Farm Bureau's Annual Meeting and calls attention to the comprehensive nature of county Farm Bureau programs.

In committee awards competition among county Farm Bureaus in Membership Group V, MCFB's Women's Committee attained a silver award.

Making the connection

My typical morning at the office includes a fair amount of screen time and a few phone calls. By noon, I am ready for a little lunch and a change of scenery. On one particular day, I decided to grab a couple slices of pizza and a cold drink and headed out to a nearby park. I pulled into the parking area, turned off the engine, turned down the radio, and sat there enjoying my tasty meal. I sat there a few minutes to let the food settle, then I fired up my engine and put the vehicle in reverse. Before backing up, I noticed a gentleman lifting his hood up and another driver pulling up to him with his jumper cables in hand. In just a few minutes they brought the dead vehicle back to life and both of them were on their way.

What I found interesting about the situation was the fact that the driver of the dead car was there before me. He never put his hood up, he never walked up to my car, he just sat there waiting for someone he knew to come and help him. I on the other hand was sitting in my vehicle with a little time on my hands, jumper cables behind my seat, and I had a willingness to help.

As I drove back to my office, I thought to myself how it was silly of the man to not give me any indication of his need for assistance. Then I thought about my organization and how we operate. How often do we ask our members to help us out, but completely ignore the fact that there are thousands of other people in our county who could jump start our engine?

So today, I am going to step out of my comfort zone and put my hood up and ask you for a little help. My organization’s top concern is our Foundation. It is the primary funding mechanism behind our Ag in the Classroom program, our scholarship program, and our internship program.

Start Seeing Farmers Shirt Offer

McHenry County Farm Bureau’s Young Leaders Committee is holding a just-in-time Christmas T-Shirt fundraiser. The “Start Seeing Farmers” shirt features the Young Leader’s brand new logo and a tractor with an SMV sign. The writing on the back of the shirt reads “Caution, Slow Down, Share The Road”.  You can customize your shirt with your own farm name or make your “little farmer” feel extra special by utilizing their name i.e. Noah’s Farm. 

Thank You Donors

We would like to thank all the donors who have already contributed to our Ag in the Classroom fundraising campaign!

In October, 57 teachers from 13 school districts will receive a total of 154 ag-related books. This fall, we will visit 50 different classrooms with our Pumpkin Patch Pie program. The presentation includes the pumpkin life cycle as well as a pumpkin treat at the end of the program.

If you would like to partner with us to educate students in our local schools about the importance of agriculture, please click here.